Welcome to the Tarling and Vallim Labs at UCLA!


We are interested in how cells and tissues adapt to changes in lipids in healthy and diseased states. 

The Tarling Lab is focused on uncovering molecular mechanisms involved in maintaining cholesterol trafficking and homeostasis in immune cells in cardiopulmonary diseases.

The Vallim Lab is interested in identifying novel regulators of lipid metabolism in metabolic disease using a combination of global -omics and gene-targeted approaches.

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September 2021 – Kelsey is awarded an Iris Cantor-UCLA Women's Health CTSI Pilot Award! Congratulations Kelsey!

July 2021 – We welcome two new graduate students to the lab Emily and Gabriella! Say hello and check out their bios here.

June 2021 – Alvin decides to get pursue his Ph.D. in the lab through the UCLA STAR Program! Yay Alvin!

January 2021 – Check out our brilliant new Tarling Lab and Vallim Lab logos!

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Featured Publications

Take a look at our recent publication, in Cell Metabolism, where we find that activation of the nuclear receptor FXR protects NAFLD through bile-acid dependent reductions in lipid absorption.


Check out our study, published in Nature, where we identify novel lipid biomarkers that predict the accumulation of pathological lipids in the livers of mice and humans.