• 2023
  • April 2023: New faces

    We welcome new graduate student Rochelle Lai to the lab. Rochelle is a first year student in the UCLA MCIP Program. After less than a week she's already blowing things up the lab!


  • March 2023: We are Established

    Congratulations to Liz on being award a highly prestigious American Heart Association Established Investigator Award! Former Alumni from UCLA include Drs. Peter Edwards, Jake Lusis, Karen Reue, and DOM Chair Dale Abel. She's in excellent company!


  • March 2023: Publication Alert!

    After a GOLIATH amount of work, we are super exicted to see our publication in Circulation Research describing a new horizon for LDLR regulation. We discover the molecular mechanism underlying previously observed genome-wide associations in humans in the RNF130 locus. We found that RNF130, a unique membrane-bound E3 ubiquitin ligase, regulates LDLR abundance and availability at the plasma membrane. Also, our artwork was selected for the cover! Check it out here !


  • January 2023: Publication Alert!

    Excited for the first publication of 2023 - a review on GM-CSF antibodies in Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis - read all about it here !


  • January 2023: This is a BIG year for the ETV Lab!

    The ETV Lab is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year. The lab was established in January 2013 and we are excited for the next 10 years!


    • 2022
    • December 2022: Deck the Lab

      The 4th Annual Deck the Lab contest is here! Check out this year's entries and winners!


    • December 2022: Rounding out the year the right way!

      Excited to receive the NOA for an MPI R01 to study the gut-liver axis in cardiovascular disease!

    • November 2022: DOM Research Day

      The ETV lab represented BIG TIME at the 2022 UCLA Department of Medicine Research Day. Congratulations to postdoc Dr. Kelsey Jarrett, and graduate students Gabriella Rubert, Alvin Chan, and Emily Smith on sweeping the awards! Also a shoutout to undergradute researcher Min Jin Kim on presenting her research.


    • November 2022: Onward to Candidacy!

      Congratulations to PhD Candidate Gabriella Rubert on successfully passing her Orals!


    • October 2022: CV Theme Symposium

      The lab attended the 2022 UCLA Cardiovascular Theme Symposium. What a fun day! And congratulations to postdoc Dr. Kelsey Jarrett on being awarded 2nd place in the poster competition!


    • September 2022: From graduate student to PhD Candidate!

      Congratulations to PhD Candidate Emily Smith on successfully passing her Oral Qualifying Exam!


    • July 2022: Fellowship Success #4!

      We are on a roll! Congratulations to our newest postdoc Heidi Schmidt who received a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Vascular Biology T32 Program!

    • June 2022: Fellowship Success #3!

      Three is the magic number! Congratulations to graduate student Emily Smith who received a Predoctoral Fellowship in the Cellular and Molecular Biology T32 Program!

    • June 2022: Too many fellowships!

      Congratulations to undergraduate research Rodrigo Balthazar Nunez on being selected for a summer internship!


    • June 2022: ETV Beach Day

      The ETV lab spent the day at the beach enjoying the SoCal Sunshine!


    • June 2022: Traveling Science

      Tom presents some new and exciting science at the 2022 Gordon Research Conference on Lipids and Lipoproteins - one of our favorite meetings!


    • May 2022: Fellowship Success #2!

      Congratulations to graduate student Emily Smith who was selected for the prestigious Whitcome Fellowship!

    • May 2022: Dean's Prize Winner!

      We are super proud of undergraduate research Maria Taveras for being selected as a Dean's Prize Winner!


    • May 2022: New jackets, who dis?

      We are excited with our new lab jackets, courtesy of the Department of Biological Chemistry and UCLA...don't we look fancy!


    • March 2022: The end of an era!

      This month we said farewell to our first ever postdoc, Dr. Bethan Clifford. Bethan is moving on to bigger and greater things at Amgen, but at least she is not far away and is still available for happy hours! We wish her every success in her new endeavour!

    • March 2022: Fellowship Success!

      Congratulations to graduate student Gabriella Rubert who received a Predoctoral Fellowship in the Genomics and Transcriptomics T32 Program!

    • February 2022: New Year, New Postdoc!

      We are excited to welcome our new postdoc Heidi to the ETV Lab! Heidi completed her PhD at the University of Pittsburgh and we are glad she moved from the East Coast to the Best Coast!


    • February 2022: The legacy continues!

      Congratulations to Dr. Bethan Clifford on being selected as the 2021-2022 George J. Popjak Scholar for Outstanding contributions to the field of Atherosclerosis Research! This is especially meaningful as both Tom and Liz are past winners of this award. Huge congratulations Bethan, we are very proud of you!


    • February 2022: Time to say goodbye

      At the beginning of this month we said goodbye to postdoc Dr. Leslie Sedgeman, who has taken a position at LA startup Nuanced Health. We are excited to see what she gets up to!


      • 2021
      • December 2021: We've HAD a GREAT year!

        What a way to round out 2021. Tom is named the Home Area Director for the MBIDP Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and Transcriptomics graduate home area in the UCLA Graduate Programs in Bioscience! Congratulations Tom!

      • December 2021: Christmas Decoration Competition!

        We continued our annual tradition of our Deck The Halls Lab Contest. This year we shook things up a little and challenged lab members to create a decoration that we can hang on our new Lab Christmas Tree. Check out our tree and this years' entries, runners up and overall winner!


      • November 2021: Happy Birthday

        Celebrating the Big Boss birthday in traditional ETV style. CAKE!


      • November 2021: New Profile, Who Dis?

        We got ourselves a new lab profile pic.


      • October 2021: In Person Interactions

        Tom presents some of the lab's newest and greatest research at the UCLA Cardiovascular Theme Symposium, our first in-person event in almost 2 years!


      • August 2021: Opt Outside

        Now that things are opening up a little, the lab got out for some much needed fresh air and a bit of a break from the bench!


      • June 2021: New Lab Member!

        We are super happy and exicted that Gabriella Rubert has decided to join the lab as a Ph.D. student! Meet Gabriella here .


      • May 2021: Research Publication

        We are VERY exicted that our studies on FXR agonists protecting against fatty liver disease have been accepted for publication in Cell Metabolism. Postdoc Bethan led these studies in collaboration with Leslie and Kelsey. Five years is a long time coming!


      • May 2021: New Lab Member!

        We are exicted that Emily Peluso Smith has decided to join the lab as a Ph.D. student! Learn more about Emily here .


      • April 2021: NOA!

        Excited to get the Notice of Award for (can you believe it) the first MPI R01 for Liz and Tom!


      • March 2021: Fellowship Success!

        Congratulations to postdoc Maddy Brearley-Sholto on being awarded an AHA Postdoctoral Fellowship!


      • March 2021: Publication Alert!

        We're WRAPPED up! Excited to see our first publication from our collaboration with the Pellegrini Lab! Here our collaborators report the ultrastructural organization and dynamics of the inter-organellar contact established by sheets of curved rough endoplasmic reticulum closed wrapped around the mitochondria (wrappER). Check out the awesome videos and images demonstrating liver wrappER-mitochondria contacts participate in VLDL biology.


      • January 2021: Publication Alert!

        Another publication with our Australian Collaborators! Great to see this continuing despite the global pandemic!


      • January 2021: Publication Alert!

        Congratulations to ETV Alumni Tim Yu on another paper published!


      • January 2021: We're Vaccinated!

        Excitement in the lab to get the first shots of our COVID-19 vaccines!


      • January 2021: Winning!

        Congratulations to the lab for their Christmas Decoration entries! We were selected as one of the winners of Addgene's #DeckTheLab contest! Can't wait to see what our prizes are!


      • January 2021: Research Publication

        Congratulations to Research Fellow Alvin for his latest research on dietary trends in the rare pediatric disorder glucose galactose malabsorption .


      • January 2021: What a lotta Logos!

        We are kicking off 2021 in style with the release of our new lab logos!


      • 2020
      • December 2020: GOODBYE 2020!

        Another first for the year, the lab hosted a virtual Christmas Party, complete with cookie decorating, mocktails, and our famous Christmas Decoration Competition!


      • December 2020: TENURE TOM

        Tom is promoted to Associate Professor, with Tenure! What an amazing achievement!


      • December 2020: Our First Preprint!

        We are excited to share our latest research defining the role for the E3 ubiquitin ligase GOLIATH in regulating plasma LDL cholesterol and LDL receptor availability.


      • October 2020: Family ETV Grows!

        Liz, Tom, and Olivia welcome Baby Leo!!

      • October 2020: Another Training Grant!

        Postdoc Leslie is awarded one of the first iCMB T32 postdoctoral training grants, bridging bioengineering and biomedical science! Well done Leslie!

      • September 2020: Just call me Dr. Dr.!

        In the lab's first ever Zoom Ph.D. Defense, MCIP graduate student Elinor successfully defended her thesis! Congratulations Elinor, we are so proud of you!


      • September 2020: Hello Baby!

        Postdoc Leslie welcomes baby Sophia to the world! Congratulations Leslie, Carl, and Lucky the dog!

      • August 2020: Pandemic Rotation

        We are very pleased and excited to welcome Gabriella Rupert as a Rotation student to Team CRISPR. Gabriella will working on designing guide RNAs to some of our newly identified metabolism targets.

      • August 2020: Research Fellow

        We are excited to welcome Alvin Chan as a Research Fellow in Pediatrict GI. Alvin will be working on all things related to bile acids and absorption! Get to know Alvin here .

      • June 2020: Renewal Success!

        Postdoc Kelsey succesfully renews her T32 Vascular Biology Training Grant for another year. Well done Kelsey!


      • June 2020: And we're back!

        We are super thankful to be able to re-open the lab as part of UCLA's research ramp-up. Even if we are capped at 25% capacity we are back at full speed!


      • March 2020: Virutal Rotation Anyone?

        As COVID-19 continues to impact our research, we are happy to welcome rotation student Kelly Kennewick to the lab for a virtual rotation. Kelly is part of the IMMP home area in the GBP at UCLA and will be working with Liz on analyzing lipidomic and FACS data in mice with disrupted lipid and immune homeostasis.

      • March 2020: Another Goodbye!

        This time we said Goodbye to Li, who is going back to NorCal to work in Industry. We didn't get to have a proper farewell thanks to Pandemic Restrictions and the Safer-at-Home order in Los Angeles, but we wish her all the best!

      • March 2020: Goodnight Lab

        Along with many other labs and research campuses across the country, we made the difficult decision to shut down our lab in mid-March as COVID-19 began to rage and Los Angeles issued an emergency Safer-at-Home order.


      • March 2020: Au Revoir!

        We are desperately sad to be saying Au Revoir to our favorite baker/technician extraordinaire, Pauline, who is returning to her native France. The lab took to her beloved trails for a farewell hike, and we couldn't let her leave without baking just one more delicious cake!


      • February: Super-Tech!

        We are delighted to welcome Super-Tech Michelle Steel to Team ETV! Go check out her bio here .

      • January 2020: Ending the month on a high!

        Yet another publication, this time from undergrad Tim's previous lab. This is Tim's first first author publication and preprint where they built and tested 8269 variations of the classic lac promoter where we reposition and tune the strengths of binding sites. This study shows new interactions between binding sites and how to build theoretically optimal inducible promoters. Read this cool story about promoter architecture here .


      • January 2020: Doubling Down!

        What a way to ring in 2020 with not one, but two papers accepted from the lab! First, we performed silencing of microRNA-144 in pre-clinical models of atherosclerosis. Second, in collaboration with Jan Kornfeld, we discoverd a MAFG-lncRNA axis that links nutrient abundance and hepatic glucose metabolism.


      • 2019
      • December 2019: Ho! Ho! Ho!

        The lab were allowed to venture outside for the afternoon for our annual all-you-can-eat Brazilian Churrascaria BBQ at Fogo de Chao! Post-prandial studies followed of course!


      • November 2019: Friendsgiving 2019!

        The lab celebrated Thanskgiving with their annual Friendsgiving meal!


      • September 2019: Rotation, Rotation, Rotation!

        We are delighted and excited to welcome Angela Sun and Yifan Wang (Frank) to the lab for their fall rotation! Angela will be working with Liz on lipids and immune cells. Frank will be working with Tom and Kelsey following up on PSMD9, which we identified using systems biology tools.

      • August 2019: Milestone Birthdays!

        Today we celebrated postdoc Bethan and Kelsey's big summer birthdays!


      • August 2019: CARE Summer Research Day!

        Our undergraduate Rachel who has been working over the summer as part of the CARE summer research program, presented her research! Well done Rachel!


      • August 2019: Another chick has flown the coop!

        Today we said farewell to Postdoc Jenny Link, who is starting a faculty position at Whittier College. We will miss you and are very proud of you Jenny! Good luck in your next adventure!


      • August 2019: Summer Bruins-In-Genomics Poster Day!

        Summer BIG students Tyler and Vivan present their work. Lots of fun talking science!


      • July 2019: Summer BIG!

        We are delighted and excited to welcome Tyler Laws and Vivian Iloabuchi, our Summer Bruins In Genomics (BIG) students to the lab!

      • June 2019: Farewell!

        We were sad to say goodbye to Elizabeth Vanderwall at the end of this month. Elizabeth is moving home to Seatle before embarking on the next chapter of her adventures and applying to Grad School.


      • June 2019: Puppy Love

        The lab made some furry new friends in what was possibly the best. day. in. lab. ever!


      • June 2019: National Selfie Day

        The lab made sure to document #nationalselfieday by cramming everyone into a very small space!


      • June 2019: Targeting microRNAs for Atheroprotection

        Liz gives a talk at the Gordon Research Conference on Atherosclerosis at Sunday River, Newry, ME!


      • June 2019: From Bench to Bedside to the Community

        Liz gives Medicine Grand Rounds with Dr. Tisha Wang discussing the progress they have made working on Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis!


      • June 2019: Goodbye Gloria!

        Gloria, who has been in charge of our animal colony for several years, is promoted at UCLA. We celebrated with another delicious cake from Chef Morand! We wish Gloria all the best and we will miss her terribly!



      • May 2019: Supporting STEM!

        We were visited by 64 middle school students from LAUSD Stephen M. White Middle School and their teach, former Tarling-Vallim Alum, Mrs. Tammy Kim!


      • May 2019: Undergraduate Research Poster Day!

        Our bioinformatic undergrad Timothy Yu presented a poster on his exciting analysis of lipidomic profiling. Well done Tim!


      • May 2019: Research Fellowship!

        Congratulations to Postdoc Kelsey Jarrett on being awarded the UCLA Vascular Biology T32 postdoctoral fellowship! Well done Kelsey!

      • February 2019: Grant Award!

        Congratulations to Tom and Dr. Peter Edwards on being awarded an NIH MPI R01 to study FXR and liver lipid metabolism!

      • February 2019: Publication!

        In collaboration with colleagues at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, in Mebourne Australia, we performed a systems genetics analysis of mammalian lipid metabolism. Check out this report for more information.


      • January 2019: Publication!

        In collaboration with the Pamir Lab at Oregon Health and Sciences University we performed a large scale genetic study of the HDL proteome.

        • 2018
        • December 2018: Another trip around the sun!

          Another Christmas, another lab all-you-can-eat adventure. Thank you Fogo De Chao!


        • December 2018: Research Award!

          Congratulations Bethan! Bethan received a post-doctoral fellowship from the American Heart Association.


        • December 2018: New Lab Member!

          This month we welcome new postdoc Kelsey Jarrett to the lab! Kelsey did her PhD at Baylor College of Medicine in the lab of William Lagor.


        • November 2018: New Lab Member!

          This month we welcome new postdoc Leslie Sedgeman to the lab! Leslie did her PhD at Venderbilt University in the lab of Kasey Vickers.


        • August 2018: New Lab Member!

          This month we welcome our new Lab Assistant Elizabeth Vanderwall! Elizabeth was an undergrad at UCLA and worked in the lab through the summer Bruins In Genomics program. Now she has joined the lab full-time!


        • August 2018: Publication!

          We published some of our latest findings in Nature Communications on the use of Statins as a novel pharmacotherapy in the rare lung disease, Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinsis and had a featured news article.


        • July 2018: Promotion!

          Liz was promoted to Associate Professor! Congrats Prof!

        • May 2018: Liz's Interview!

          Want to know more about the research that led to Liz's Irvine H. Page Young Investigator Research Award? Well, check out the official post-award interview:

        • May 2018: It's award time!

          Liz wins the Irvine H. Page Young Investigator Research Award at Vascular Discovery: From Genes to Medicine 2018 Scientific Sessions!


        • April 2018: Peter's Birthday celebration!

          Happy Birthday to the #OG boss, Dr. Peter Edwards!


        • April 2018: Congratulations Joan!

          The lab recently got a big news: Joan got accepted in Graduate School and will soon leave to the University of Utah to start their graduate program. While it's a bit of a bummer for us to lose Joan, we couldn't be more happier for her, she worked hard and her hard work paid off! Congrats Joan! And yes, of course we had to party for the occasion, another fun night in Brazilian "All you can eat" pizza territory.


        • March 2018: It's all about the mass

          Hey, look what just arrived! The lab is now equipped with a brand new mass spectrometer. 2018 is going to be a data-driven year for sure!


        • 2017
        • December 2017: Another year in the books!

          Christmas time is always a good excuse for a lab all-you-can-eat excursion. Thanks Fogo De Chao for hosting us!


        • November 2017: Another Award for the lab!

          Is it Christmas yet? Congrats to the lab for the fantastic work that led to winning the Paul Dudley White award for highest scoring abstract at the AHA 2017 (Anaheim).


        • November 2017: World Café!

          Did we tell you that each time the Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars is holding a World Café event we never miss a chance to sample caffeinated drinks from all over the world? Well, guess what, there is even a video to prove it, featuring Pauline, Elinor and Joan!

        • October 2017: One more year for Jenny!

          And just like that, it's time to eat another cake again, this time in honor to Jenny: Happy Birthday!


        • September 2017: Award!

          Congrats to our own Bethan for winning the UCLA Cardiovascular Theme Research Day Poster Award! #GoBethan

        • September 2017: Poster presentations

          Adam and Elizabeth did a terrific job presenting their work at the UCLA Undergraduate Research Day. Thanks to everyone who came by to ask questions!


        • September 2017: Publication!

          We published a novel posttranscriptional mechanism for regulation of bile acid metabolism. A great excuse to gather the lab for another all-you-can-eat pizza party!


        • August 2017: Eclipse!

          Look at those two, always upon us and always playing together! But when they meet, it's always a good enough reason to do a short break. Alright, now back to work, science awaits!


        • August 2017: Award!

          Liz was awarded the David Williams Lectureship at the 2017 Kern Lipid Conference.

        • July 2017: Crushing it!

          Liz and Bethan run the The San Francisco Marathon and Joan completes her first half marathon!


        • July 2017: A new adventure for Sophia

          It's time for Sophia to embark on her European journey. We are sad to see her leave but at least we got another cake by Chef Pauline. Thanks for everything Sophia, we wish you the best in your new adventure!


        • May 2017: New lab space!

          We have the grand opening of our newest Tissue Culture suite (aka Pauline's room!). After a long slog, we are finally open for business.


        • April 2017: Grant!

          Liz receives her first NIH R01 grant from the NHLBI.

        • April 2017: Crushing it!

          Pauline just completed her first 50K trail race at the Gorges Waterfall 50k!


        • March 2017: New lab member!

          We welcome Sophia Franco-Castillo as our newest lab member. Sophia was an undergraduate in the lab, and graduated UCLA. She has now joined the lab full time!


        • March 2017: Publication!

          We published our latest findings on pulmonary surfactant homeostasis, and had a featured news article in ASBMB.

        • February 2017: Grant!

          Tom receives his second NIH R01 grant from the NIDDK. Just another excuse for the lab to go to all you can eat pizza to celebrate.

        • February 2017: New lab member!

          We officially welcome Pauline Morand to the lab.


        • January 2017: New lab member!

          Jenny Link, PhD, a post-doctoral fellow from UCLA joins the Tarling-Vallim lab. Welcome Jenny!


        • 2016
        • December 2016: Party time!

          Lab Christmas party at Fogo de Chao!

        • December 2016: Tenure track on track!

          Tom becomes a faculty member in the Department of Biological Chemistry at UCLA. Check out his official profile page!.

        • October 2016: The lab brings it!

          The lab participates in the LA Cancer Challenege 5K/10K!
          (Liz – 1st place female age division; Bethan – 3rd place female age division)

        • August 2016: Award!

          Tom receives the David Williams Lectureship award at the Kern Lipid Conference 2016.

        • July 2016: New lab member!

          Tom and Liz welcome Bethan Clifford, Ph.D., a post-doctoral fellow from England to the lab.


        • June 2016: New lab member!

          Our latest lab member joins! Elinor Lee, M.D. who is in the STAR program at UCLA. Elinor will do her PhD in the lab focusing on lung lipid metabolism!


        • February 2016: Grant!

          Tom receives his first NIH R01 from the NHLBI.

        • 2015
        • August 2015: Science Travels!

          Tom presents his latest work, with fellow ATVB Council members at the Brazilian Atherosclerosis Society meeting in Campos do Jordao, SP, Brazil.

        • March 2015: AHA award!

          Tom wins the Irvine Page award from the AHA.

        • February 2015: Publication!

          The lab publishes our latest work in Cell Metabolism!

        • 2014
        • 2014: The family grows!

          Tom and Liz welcome baby Olivia to the world.

        • 2013
        • 2013: Grant!

          Liz receives an NIH K99/R00 Pathway-to-Independence Career Development Award.

        • 2013: The lab is open for business!

          Tom and Liz become Assistant Professors in the Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiology at UCLA!